Transforming and enhancing
learning material

Digital and ePublishing

Syncordia offers clients extensive ePublishing Conversion Services experience, having produced over 15,000,000 pages in digital format and transformed over 10,000,000 pages to multiple digital formats including Adobe PDF and EPUB.

We can convert any learning material including print books, journals, academic and financial papers and reports, magazines, brochures and others into creative and interactive electronic content.

eLibrary Management

Our eLibrary platform houses a range of digital content, easily accessible by librarians, teachers, students and general users. The program can be set up as either a rental or subscription model where borrowers or subscribers can access all content or just a select number or category of eBooks and/or digital learning resources.

eBookstore Management

Our eBookstore is a retail digital platform able to aggregate and distribute an extensive range of digital content, for easy download and access through our integrated ordering system.

Our platform ensures copyright and security protection through the application of digital rights management during download and a secure payment gateway for purchases. It can also be customised to cater for a number of hosting, ordering and deployment options that may be required by publishers or distributors.


Helping your educators create ‘bespoke’ content solutions to best meet your requirements.