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Digital Content Management Platforms


Our eLibrary digital platform houses extensive digital content for easy access by librarians, teachers, students and general users. Our eLibrary program can be set up as a rental or subscription model, where borrowers or subscribers can access all content or just select a number or category of eBooks and/or digital learning resources.


Our eBookstore retail digital platform houses an extensive range of international and local digital content. eBooks are a cost effective, easy-to-access alternative to print books, offering users additional functionality to highlight, write notes and easily search for keywords or phrases. Digital AudioBooks are also a great way to teach and enjoy listening by immersing yourself in literature, enjoying all the essence and delights of storytelling.

eContent accessible anywhere, any time
and on any device

Multimedia - video and audio and Mixed Reality - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions

As technology first delivered digital content such as eBooks and online learning systems, we are now at an age where interactive technologies are transforming the whole teaching and learning experience, taking it to a new dimension. In a world driven by global mobility and internet access, the concept of seamless learning anywhere, anytime and from any device is becoming the norm.

Our Multimedia Solutions integrate text, graphics, drawings, video (still and moving images), animation, audio with other media in a digital format to enhance and accelerate learning.

Our Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality solutions enhance the ‘real world’ by adding computer generated and contextually relevant virtual overlays of sound, images, data, or holograms in real time. They blend the physical world with the digital world, allowing more portable and less expensive learning material through digital prototypes rather than physical models.

By creating educational content in a multimedia and/or mixed reality format we can help you embrace the latest digital technologies and enhance the student and teacher experience, improving both learning and teaching outcomes. These interactive technologies also make learning content more adaptable and flexible, offering students a more collaborative, individualised and personalised learning experience.

Innovative digital content for a smarter education

Digital conversion and ePublishing solutions


We leverage our deep industry knowledge to offer digital conversion and ePublishing solutions and services to meet your personal and business objectives and needs.

Content digitisation in multiple digital formats – Adobe PDF, EPUB, *ML, and POD

DX – Edition harmonises and accelerates the process of content generation through a collaborative editing framework. It also improves copy/editing productivity by automating significant portions of pre-copy and typesetting processes.

DX – Inspection Copy is a technology enabled, streamlined process solution which removes waste, improves feedback, and closes the marketing ‘loop’. The Inspection / Review Copy is a ‘widget’ offering a full digital online view of a book or document to targeted individuals or groups.

eWidgets  is a digital ‘container’ that holds an online view of a book or document and can be used as a mass marketing tool to enable consumers to get a feel before purchase.

eWallet is a cost-effective and convenient payment option that provides users a personal online account to add funds to, so they have money readily available for purchases when they need it.