Our History

How we started

Syncordia was founded in 2011, after acquiring a digital publishing technology business with a proven reputation with the world’s largest publishers. We set about revitalising our company by focusing on the challenges within the education sector and in 2017 launched eBooks365 – our retail operation in Australia for university eBooks.

We are now entering China – the fastest growing education market in the world, being the first to introduce international digital education content on a mass scale.  Our plans are to expand our model throughout the emerging Asian education markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Our aim

Why we do it

With the growing move to online and eLearning, teachers and students now expect to interact in real time using content designed and developed for the digital environment. We can help transform your entire teaching and learning experience, through the application of innovative multimedia technologies. By embedding mixed reality material such as augmented and virtual reality into your digital content, you can bridge the gap between theoretical learning in the classroom and the real-life application of knowledge in the work environment.

Syncordia’s ‘first mover’ position is about disrupting the traditional academic content market by creating and distributing digital content in a unique format anywhere, anytime and on any device, to meet the changing needs of the global education sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in digital solutions, enabling institutions and providers to operate in a seamless manner in the climate of change brought about digitisation.
Partnering with major service providers in the education sector, including universities and publishers, we will endeavour to achieve our vision through continuous enhancements and innovation.
Our challenge

What we offer

From traditional digital conversion services to our broader capabilities in designing, building and managing digital content platforms, Syncordia’s technology pedigree is as a leader in this market. Our history and experience as a digital content company has enabled us to sharpen our focus on now creating and distributing digital content for the education market.

Our platform offers access to over 2,500,000 international eBooks and more than 20,000 digital AudioBooks.

Our consulting services around contextualising digital learning to suit both the environment and the resources, ensures that learners are engaged and that they understand and retain information being taught in complex subjects.

We own our suite of technologies and applications and our differentiator is our ability to digitise, aggregate, manage and distribute local and international content on a single platform that has built in DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Our solution

Where to from here

Innovation is the key to driving education to new levels in what has been a very traditional and unchanged sector, and Syncordia is closely engaging with institutions and authorities to effect change in this area.