CEPIEC and Syncordia sign exclusive contract

By July 1, 2018 No Comments

CEPIEC and SYNCORDIA have signed an exclusive contract to cooperate on introducing and promoting international digital educational and research content for China. This agreement further expands the use of premium international digital educational and research content in the Chinese education sector.

China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd (CEPIEC), the leading supplier of imported educational content (including eBooks, teaching and learning resources, journals and general educational material in all academic disciplines) and the Syncordia Group, a digital technology company with long standing relationships with global book publishers have agreed to combine their capabilities and expertise to focus on the higher education and vocational market in China.

Founded in 1987, CEPIEC is one of the leading importers of international content for education and research purposes in China. CEPIEC has sound and stable cooperative relations with more than 1000 publishers around the globe and has close business dealings with thousands of higher education institutions, companies and organizations.

How eBooks and other digital content are fully used in China while being appropriately copyright protected is an area of major concern for publishers and authors. Syncordia has a proven digital platform and is also involved in the advancement of applying digital, virtual and augmented reality technology in education.

With growing demand for quality international educational and research content in China, this unique engagement will offer educational institutions, academics and global publishers a model with higher standards.

Benefits delivered through the cooperation between CEPIEC and Syncordia include:

  • Protection of content through Syncordia’s proven DRM enabled platform;
  • A fast, efficient and reliable management and utilising process for eBooks, journals and other digital content;
  • A more professional channel to promote and sell publisher content into the education market; and
  • A collaborative engagement model offering mutually beneficial outcomes for publishers, content owners, education providers, CEPIEC and Syncordia.

Carlton Taya head of Syncordia stated “the exclusive Cooperation Agreement with CEPIEC now provides a mechanism for global digital academic content to be legally imported, used and effectively protected in a large and challenging market. Our aim is to improve the quality of imported international resources for education and research whilst fully complying with the relevant laws and regulations in China”.

CEPIEC described the Cooperation Agreement with Syncordia as “unique and that it also delivers CEPIEC and their customers quality content from leading publishers and providers across the world that can also be appropriately managed on Syncordia’s digital platform”.

The program is expected to commence in August 2018.