The National E-learning Resource Center (NERC) and Syncordia have entered into a Business Partnership Cooperative Agreement to collaborate on the development of unique educational resources consisting of both local and international content. The parties plan to leverage the extensive knowledge, expertise, technology, digital resources and human capital of each organisation.

The National E-learning Resource Center (NERC) is the digital learning resources arm of the Open University of China (OUC). Established in 1979, the Open University of China, (OUC) currently has over 3.59 million registered students, of which 1.05 million are undergraduates and 2.54 million are junior college students, arguably making it the world’s largest education institution. OUC has 248 sub-centres established in branches and related vocational institutions, providing open courses and learning support via their own platform.

OUC offers online self-directed learning, supplemented by distance learning support and face-to-face tutorials. They provide learners with a large number of high-quality online courses, integrating multimedia resources, interactive teaching, learning assessment and learner support.

Carlton Taya, founder and managing director of Syncordia describes the partnership.

“By combining the capabilities and reach of NERC/OUC across China, coupled with Syncordia’s digital expertise, our broad-based platform and access to a vast array of international digital content, this is a significant opportunity to impact the teaching and learning experience of Chinese students”.

With a focus on introducing new unique and innovative digital content to the region, the results will invariably improve student learning outcomes.

China leads the way in online education and the OUC network boasts the world’s largest nationwide distance education system. The OUC cloud network is a single platform comprising teaching, learning, management services and research and has the capacity to support massive online learning for 4 million students.

With China’s focus on advanced manufacturing and big data and its challenges in aged care, Taya views the partnership with NERC as “well positioned to design and build innovative multimedia courses and resources to meet the skills development gaps in these areas”.

There is also potential to export the developed resources and know-how into emerging Asian countries.